About Fire Sign Cafe

Fire Sign Café was started in 1978; located in the lake house mall (below Dave’s Ski Shop). It was named after the astrological fire element… Both Brian and Lynne Barton, the original owners, are a “Fire Sign”. Two years later, the Bartons wanted to move the restaurant to a new location and asked their friends, Bob and Christi Young, if they wanted to become partners. They had recently sold their Pot Belly Stove business (which was located where Dave's Ski Shop is now) and were looking for their next business venture. Since the Young’s had loved Fire Sign from the beginning, they eagerly bought in and helped fund the move to its current location (which used to be a house).... even though they knew nothing about running a restaurant! 4 years after they started Fire Sign, the Bartons sold their half of the business to the Youngs and moved away. With full ownership, Bob and Christi began transforming Fire Sign into the restaurant we all know and love today.


Although, they moved to Montana years ago, they stayed extremely hands on with their beloved restaurant. An unwavering dedication to never cutting corners, a keen business sense, and of course- 40 years of hiring amazing staff that understand what Fire Sign Café is all about, has made their little café a legendary Tahoe restaurant. 

Bob and Christi in Front of Their Pot Belly Stove Shop.  1976

Bob and Christi at a Fire Sign Holiday Party in the Front Room of the Restaurant. 1990